Selfie stick not working with Android Phone? Check these settings on the phone

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Whether you are young or old enough, there are times when we may want to take a selfie or a ‘wefie’ if you want to keep memories.Now, that can be with or without a selfie stick. While selfies with the hand is also good enough, a selfie stick give a wider view and adds some more perspective to the image.  Now, if your selfie stick is not working with your Android Phone, check these settings on the phone.

Selfie stick not working with Android Phone?
Check these settings on the phone

If your selfie stick is not working with your Android Phone, that is, it is not clicking pictures when the button is pressed, then, don’t throw away your selfie stick just yet. It may be a simple settings issue.

Most selfie sticks uses the volume buttons on the Android phone to take pictures. So, to check the problem, first check the settings on the camera on the Android Phone.

  • Open the camera app on the Android Phone
  • Open the camera’s settings
  • Find a setting which is related to volume keys

The menu would be different for every phone but you should be able to find a setting related to what the phone should do when the volume buttons are pressed, or how pictures would be taken.

Some phones have a setting called ‘volume key function‘ (most Mi / Redmi Phones) in the camera settings. This setting defines what the camera will do if the volume up or volume down keys are pressed. The options could be – take a picture, zoom in /zoom out or volume control. On some cameras there is a setting by the name ‘shooting methods’ (Samsung Android Phones). Inside, you will be able to find a setting related to the volume buttons. This is where you can set what the camera should do if the volume keys are pressed.

If you want to use selfie sticks with your Android phone, then the volume keys should be set to take pictures. You can test this even without this selfie stick.

  • Open camera on the Android Phone
  • Press the volume up or down key
  • See if picture is taken by the phone.=

 If you can take pictures using the volume keys then ideally your selfie stick should work, unless the selfie stick is faulty.

After you confirm that your phone’s camera can take pictures by pressing the volume up or down keys, you can now test your selfie stick with the Android phone. Ideally your phone should be able to take selfies now.

 If your selfie stick still does not take pictures, then you may test the selfie stick with another Android phone which you know is already working with a selfie stick. That way you can confirm whether the selfie stick is faulty or is not compatible with your Android phone.

Disable Mirror Image on Selfie Image (Front Camera)

If you are a selfie enthusiast then another setting which you should probably disable in the camera settings is the mirror image or flip. If this setting is on then your image will be saved slipped. While your face may appear OK if there are any text in the background such as shop names restaurants etc then those texts will appear reversed. So ideally this setting should be disabled for sale.

Most Android phone cameras have a setting to enable or disable mirror image. The name of the particular setting may be different on different phone. You can look for ‘Mirror Image’, ‘Save Selfies as Previewed without flipping’, Flip Image etc. Since ‘mirror image’ is a selfie related feature the setting may appear only when the front camera is open on certain phones.

Disable Mirror Image on Redmi Android Phones

  1. Click on Camera.
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines.
  3. Now open Settings.
  4. Find Mirror Front Camera in the settings menu and Turn it Off.

Disable Mirror Image on Samsung Android Phones:

  1. Launch the Camera app
  2. Tap on Camera settings
  3. Toggle or Switch On “Save selfies as previewed” (don’t save mirror)
  4. Head back to your camera and capture your selfie.

Disable Mirror Image on HTC Android Phones:

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Switch to the front-facing camera or use Selfie mode.
  3. Tap the Menu icon.
  4. Tap Settings > Camera options.
  5. Clear the Save mirrored selfies (or Save mirror image) option.


Though unlikely, if your camera does not have any settings to allow the volume buttons to take pictures, then you can also look for camera apps on Google Play. You can install those apps and use it for taking selfies.



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