Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense


Every one using Google Adsense eagerly waits for the payout day.  Especially for new AdSense users,  they eagerly wait for the first payment with anticipation as this is their payment.  But if you see “Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense… “,  you may be worried what’s wrong. In this post we’ll discuss about the message “Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense”.

What to do if you see the status “Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense”


Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense

Well,  in short,  do nothing. Wait patiently as there is nothing wrong from your end. There has been a delay from Google’s end.

Your Google AdSense payment is processed from 21st – 26th of the month.  Usually,  it is wire transferred on 21st itself. But if you see “Automatic Payment Pending in Google AdSense “,  don’t panic.  Wait for a few days more.  It will come.

I have also seen the Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense a few times in the past.  But payments have never failed to come from Google Adsense.  If this status appears,  payment normally come within the next 5-6 days.

The status mean that your payment is approved and is in the process of sending to your bank. It’s just that it hasn’t left yet. This may be due to technical issues or due to  other issues. But not your fault and nothing wrong with your Google Adsense account.

So, just wait patiently for a few more days.  If there is any major issue which will cause a major delay, Google will definitely issue a statement.

Where to check Google Adsense payment status and payment history

  • Login to your Google AdSense account and go to Payments > Payment Info
  • Click on the monthly periods below
  • If the payment have already left from Google AdSense to your bank account you will see a negative balance on right side

So,  as discussed above,  if you see the status Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense,  don’t panic.  Just wait.


Automatic Payment Pending was visible in Google AdSense from 21st Nov to 25th Nov 2022. Payment finally came on 26th Nov 2022.

Automatic Payment Pending in Google Adsense




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