5 Software to make photo collage on Windows Computer

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If you are interested in making photo collage on your Windows computer, and you are looking for a photo collage software for your Windows computer, then you are in the right place. In this post we shall discuss How to make photo collage on Windows Computer and software to make photo collage on your Windows computer (10/11).

Why make photo collage?

The reasons for making photo collage may vary from person to person. Photo collage helps to tell an entire story in one picture. It is also useful in saving photo paper in case you are printing photos for your albums. Photos of a particular event which are not required to printed single, can be grouped together to save photo paper.

Does Windows 10 / 11 comes with native photo collage software ?

Windows 10/11 comes with default photo viewing app / software for viewing and editing photos but unfortunately, the default Windows photos app does not come with collage making feature. So you will need to download and use third party software to create collage on Windows 10 / 11 computer.

How to make photo collage on Windows Computer and photo collage software for Windows computer

Since there are no default native software on Windows computer to make photo collage, we need to use third party software. The following are five photo collage software which you can use on windows computer to make photo collage.

Create photo collage manually ? Well, yes you can. If you use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher, then you can create photo collage manually arranging the photos. But it may be easier to just use photo collage software to do the job for you.

Z Mobile : Photo Collage Maker


Photo Collage Maker is a free app available on Microsoft App Store with in app purchases. It is one of the best collage maker app to create photo collage, photos grid, layouts and montage with picture frames and effects. Collage Maker is a fast & easy to use app to create an amazing photo collage in seconds or create your own style using freestyle collage. The best part is they are fully adjustable – so you can resize the Layout based on your Photo rather than adjusting photo based on Layout. Photo Collage Maker offers 50+ Collages, 50+ Effects, 50+ Overlays, 100+ Stickers, 50+ Font and a Professional Photo Enhancing tools to make your Collage amazing.

Among the free dedicated collage making software listed below, this one is one of the best. The free version is enough for most requirements. The free version comes with a basic watermark at the bottom right hand side corner but the watermark isn’t too intrusive. If required you may purchase the pro version.

If you don’t want to purchase, you can create the collage using the app first and then edit in other software such as Photoshop or other image editor.

Download: Z Mobile : Photo Collage Maker

PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is an all-in-one photo editing software which provides photo-related features such as Photo Viewer, Editor, Cut Out, Batch, Collage, Combine, Create GIF, Color Picker, Screen Capture, RAW images and More. There are many features for photo editing which are outside the scope of this post to discuss. Basically, PhotoScape X is an image editing software which also includes collage making feature.

Credit: PhotoScape

The software is easy to use. It offers two kinds of templates- manual and automatic collage modes. To make collage using PhotoScape X, click on COLLAGE from the top menu, select a collage template from the right and add your photos to create the photo collage. If you change the collage layout, the photos adjust automatically. You can drag and rearrange the photos on the collage. One drawback is that the file size is huge as compared to others. But it is an image editor, and photo collage is just a part of its features.

Download: PhotoScape X


PhotoPad is another free photo editing software which also includes collage making feature. It includes most common photo editing capabilities, and also a collage making feature. With it you can create collages and photo mosaics with your photographs.

Credit: nchsoftware

You can select from one of the layouts or design your own collage with the free-form layout. Select a background color or pattern and more. You can choose the template, size, background color, text, swap images with drag and drop etc. You can modify the spacing between the pictures and corner.

Download: PhotoPad


Other photo collage software you can check out:

Phototastic Collage

Phototastic is a picture editor and a photo collage maker. It is available in Microsoft App store here . Phototastic is an all-in-one pic collage maker with a range of professionally created design assets and includes design templates, layout options that can fit up to 25 photos in a single collage, backgrounds, stickers, fonts.

Credit: phototastic collage

The software is super easy to use. All you have to do is to pick a design template, add photos, touch up by customizing text and visuals. Fine-tune the images used in your collage with the image editing features such as crop, add effects, cutout feature, flip, rotate, etc.

  • Free version allows only four images in a collage.

Download Phototastic Collage




Pic Collage

PicCollage has everything you need to create amazing collages with your photos. It is available in Microsoft App store here . You can import photos from your Pictures folder or use web image search to get images. It also comes with basic image editing features to touch up the images used in the collage. The free version adds a watermark.

Credit: Pic Collage

One drawback is that you cannot customize the image size. The maximum image size that can be generated is 1280*900.

Download Pic Collage







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