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Are you looking for free server-less LAN messenger software for use in your Local Area Network? Well, we have compiled here a list of best free server-less LAN messenger software which you can use on LAN! You can use these LAN messenger software at home, at work or at school to communicate one-to-one, group chat or even send files over LAN. Nowadays, WhatApp is popularly used for chats and for sharing files even for work. But if you want to communicate with peers on computers on LAN, then LAN messengers may be a better option.

What is LAN or Local Area Network?

A Local Area Network is a computer network where computers are connected to the same network within a limited area. In most basic setup, computers connected to the same router at home forms a LAN. LAN are used at School, Office, Home. Computers can connected in LAN networks without any internet connection as the connection happens via the wired media in the same network.

What is LAN Messenger?

LAN Messenger is a software which can be used to send instant message or files using LAN (Local Area Network) without any internet connection. You can send files, chat with colleagues one to one, or even in a group with your peers.

Here is a list of some Best Free Server-less LAN Messenger Software:

#1 : LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger is a free and open-source instant messaging application which you can use on LAN. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. LAN Messenger is a server-less messenger which means it does not need a central server to be configured, and it does not require internet connection.



  • Server less configuration
  • No internet connection required
  • Chat one to one or Group Chat
  • Broadcast messages: Option to notify all users within the network or choose specific users.
  • Group Contacts: Organize people in your contact list.
  • Transfer files
  • Alerts
  • Log Messages: Previous conversations can also be archived.
  • Security:AES encryption with RSA

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: Free

#2 LANcet Chat

LANcet Chat is an instant messaging software for real-time message exchange over a local network (LAN). It is a server-less messaging software so there is no need to setup a dediacated chat server.


  • Server-less
  • Private Messaging (one to one)
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Desktop Sharing for remote assistance
  • Contact Grouping
  • Paste images to group chats and broadcast message.
  • Files transfers
  • History Logging

Available for: Windows, Android, Mac
Price: Free

#3 Tonic

Tonic is another popular free LAN Messaging software. It is server less and thus, it does not require a chat server to be configured.


  • Server less
  • Instant Messaging
  • Chat history
  • File Transfer
  • Group Chat

Available for: Windows, Mac OS, Android
Price: Free

#4 Squiggle

Squiggle is a free LAN Messenger which will work on your LAN. It is server less. You just need to download and run it.


  • Server-less
  • Individual Chat, Group chat
  • No installation required – download, unzip and run
  • File Transfer
  • Spell Check
  • Emoticons
  • Tray popups for online/offline users.

Available for: Windows
Price: Free

#5 AChat Free LAN Messenger

AChat Free LAN Messenger is another free LAN messenger which you can use on LAN. Beside chat features, you can also share entire directories or send specific files, show images to other users and send messages even to users who are currently offline. The user interface is however outdated. There is no updates for past several years on its sourceforge site.


  • Server-less
  • Individual Chat, Group chat
  • File Transfer
  • Emoticons

Available for: Windows
Price: Free

Among the free LAN Messengers we tried, we really like #1 : LAN Messenger.

It is server less, easy to install and use. It has the necessary setting and options to configure for use on LAN. The interface is sleek and not outdated. Above all, it is free!

Paid LAN Messengers:

For general purpose usage, the free LAN messengers listed above would suffice for use on LAN at home, office, school etc. However, if there are certain features which you require are not available in the free LAN software listed above, then you may also explore paid LAN messengers.


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