Induction Stove Not Working, MCB Trips and Power Supply Goes Off


If you have an induction Cook Top / Stove which is not working, MCB trips and power supply goes off, when the induction is switched on, then here are a few troubleshooting steps to confirm if there is some problem with the induction Cook Top / Stove or due to some other problem in the circuit.

induction stove not working MCB trip power goes off

Troubleshoot following the steps given below:

1) Plug out induction stove and switch on tripper on the MCB.

If the MCB is still tripping, there the circuit between the MCB and the power socket is faulty. There could be some short in the circuit.You can inspect the cables and the connections yourself or better, call an electrician to get it checked.

If the MCB does not trip, then it means the cable wire connection from MCB to the power socket meant for the induction stove is alright.

2) Switch on the switch on the MCB and power on the Induction Cook Top / Stove again

To confirm again, switch on the switch on the MCB and power on the Induction Cook Top / Stove. If the MCB still trips, there is sure a problem with the Induction Cook Top / Stove. Usually, this occurs due to some short in the circuit inside the Induction Cook Top / Stove.

The problem could be due to any other part damaged, but most commonly it occurs when IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) and capacitor inside Induction Stove is blown out or damaged. Using multi-meter, the faulty parts can be detected by checking each part one by one. It is usually resolved by replacing the IGBT and the capacitors (if found damaged) on the board.

To repair electronic appliances, there is a need to have the right spare parts and tools for the repair. If you are able to check and repair yourself, well and good. Otherwise, better to take it to a good electronic appliances repair shop and get it repaired there.

In one such case, it was resolved after replacing the IGBT and a capacitor which was also found damaged.

If one is familiar with electronic repair, this can be easily repaired at home if you have the right tools necessary for the repair and by getting the right spare parts. The IGBT part looks like this and it rests beneath the heat sink (aluminum plates) on the PCB board.

IGBT induction stove

If you are confident to troubleshoot the parts yourself and repair (or just to learn), there are some helpful videos on YouTube such as the ones shown below. NOTE: It is best to take it t an authorized dealer or repairing centre if you are not familiar with electronics repair.

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